Standing 5’ 2” on a tall day, fresh out of bed and before gravity settles my bones…ok close enough sis, shut-up!! 😂, I’m considered a petite woman by any standard. For many years I was self-conscious about it, especially as a teenager, when I realized that I wasn’t going to shoot up to 5’7″ and finally just “blend in” to the masses. Nooooo, I had to stand out — not only as a non-conformist (I liked Parker Stevenson, NOT Shawn Cassidy… Rock,  NOT Pop), but a tiny one. And female.

I never told anyone this, but in 7th grade I used to put stacks of UNO cards in my sneakers for a little height boost. No joke. While other girls were stuffing their bras, I was stuffing my shoes.

As an “early bloomer” I was sporting a B-cup at 11 (Lee Conn was the first to acknowledge this in 6th grade with a customary tittle-twister, um, OUUUUCH) — but that’s also about the time my feet stopped growing. I ended up with a 5-5 1/2 shoe size. I think the average woman’s foot is a size 8.

You’ll learn I’m far from average on anything.

Size was pretty much a genetic throw of the dice in my family; My grandpa was 6’ 4” with a size 13 shoe, and I also have plump second cousins under 5’ tall who wear size 4s.

Well, at least I don’t look like a Hobbit.

So yeah, being petite means I mastered what I consider to be a real-life skill: Maneuvering in high heels.

By the time I entered the workforce at 22, I was so adept at walking in 4” pumps, I know I could have been victorious in a stiletto race. For years, I truly sacrificed my feet for the temporary façade of being less height-challenged: Callouses, bunions, blisters and all.

I’m so good at high-heeling, I was invited to participate in the Dolly Parton Catwalk-a-thon.

LOL! Just kidding, but doesn’t that sound fun?

To this day I proudly display my bunion surgery scar with my open-toed 4” wedges. (Don’t tell my podiatrist, I had to swear an oath)

High heels have become a huge part of my identity. This petite woman just doesn’t feel like herself unless balancing at a higher altitude.

My newest craze? Platform combats. Check these babies out! The 70’s have come back in style, thank you! You wouldn’t believe how comfy and quiet they are. I can walk in these 4″ platforms all day without my feet screaming. With some bell-bottom jeans, I can finally be unassumingly… normal. 😀

Amazon has a wide selection of women’s combat platform boots if you’re into those like I am. If you’d rather stick to mainstream, there are some really cute high-heel shoes in just about any size and style imaginable. As a person who hates running to the store for anything, lemme tell you, I take advantage of the next-day or two-day free delivery. Why fight the crowds?

Until the day I die, or at least until I’m wheeled around, I’ll be wearing some kind of heeled shoes. Mark my words.

Ya know, I’m really liking my idea for a cat-walk-athon for small feet — Thinking I’ll reach out to Dolly… or maybe even my straight petite woman crush, Kristin Chenoweth…

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What you wear – and it always starts with your shoes – determines what kind of character you are. A woman who wears high heels carries herself very different to a girl who wears sneakers or sandals. It really helps determine how you carry yourself.

—Winona Ryder