Maybe you can relate?

I know all too well the unique challenges midlife women face in the corporate workforce. I know how it feels to be undervalued and disrespected.

I spent many years and a lot of money trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. I was a “project hoarder” with post-its everywhere full of scribbled ideas. I bought several courses, joined several Facebook groups, searched Google high and low for inspiration… all in a quest for that “spark of passion” everyone was chirping about. My job was leaving me drained and dissatisfied. I was burnt out and frustrated.

Then if that weren’t enough, I was let go in a corporate-wide layoff….Replaced by a young, entry-level novice at half the salary. Insult, meet injury.

Funds were depleting and I needed my ship to come in—fast!

I began a journey to become super-clear on my purpose. I hired a couple coaches, talked to mentors, joined networks and pored over books to develop my mindset, strength, and direction. I had several hard knocks, but I brushed off the dirt, dried my tears, and got right back up.

Through grit, perseverance, and patience, I was able to create a business I’m passionate about. I was finally on my way. Goodbye, corporate cube! Hello, financial freedom.

According to Strengths Finder, Empathy is my strongest trait, and for good reason! I can dig deep to show you how to find that one passion that sparks true joy in your soul—no matter how small the niche—and turn it into a career that changes your life. I serve my tribe: Energetic, driven women over 40 who are ready to embrace the next phase and live life abundantly.

With 11 years in the trenches, I’ve helped many entrepreneurs with marketing, strategic web development and design, email marketing, social media marketing (certified), search engine optimization (SEO), wire framing, pitch decks, business plans, crowdfunding campaigns, content marketing, paid ads…

… and my favorite job of all—just being a good friend!

Let’s talk about your goals!